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Latest Update
March 31, 2011, 8:54 pm
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  • We changed our wedding date to June 9, 2012
  • Therefore ROM date is also changed to June 9, 2011
  • After scouring tons of restos and hotels, we finally reserved a private room at Todai Restaurant in Marina Bay Sands for the ROM ceremony and buffet lunch afterwards
  • We are going to meet our solemnizer Mrs. Tan on April 5 so she can sign the consent form
  • L and I both decided to hold our 2012 wedding reception in Fontana
  • I got a quotation for event styling/flowers and the price is quite steep!! Furthermore, this florist doesn’t seem to be accommodating and replies to my emails like after 3 days!
  • Same with Fontana, it takes ages before they reply to my emails.
  • Every now and then  I would check my inbox for possible emails from suppliers or from w@w!
  • I think of wedding preps every second of the day.
  • This wedding is going to consume me!!!!!!!!!!!

That’s all for now!


Proof of my fickle mindedness
March 26, 2011, 3:27 pm
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I am fickle -minded.

I thought I’ve finally settled on a color motif but  NO, I’ve changed my mind. Main reason was because L doesn’t like the plum + powder blue + gray combination. Although he doesn’t completely disapprove and the final decision is up to me, I wanted to change it still. I didn’t want to push thru with those colors knowing he only half-heartedly agreed to it. So…. I came up with a new color pallette and inspiration board for our bridesmaid dresses and theme. Please take a look!

Color Motif: Teal + gray

Since he wanted a lively and bright color, this is the best that I can do!! It’s still kinda pale and is a dusty shade of teal but it’s definitely livelier than plum! I also didn’t want to hear comments such as plum is a color for “patay” so  I opted for this one!

Bridesmaid Dresses

I want flowy, chiffon, floor length dresses.  We’ll  be having 3 secondary sponsors, 3 bridesmaids and 1 junior bridemaid so total of 7 persons! For the colors of the gowns, I’m thinking of having different shades of teal.

Theme: School Chic

L and I met in 3rd grade and were classmates until we graduated from elementary school so I thought of having school chic theme. Blackboards/ruled paper for menu cards & table numbers, chalk board for signages, report card inspired invites, customized “slam book” as our guest book, books with flowers on top as table centerpiece, and customized pencils as favours! =)

I have yet to show these boards to L and hopefully this time he’ll like it!

March 25, 2011, 7:33 pm
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We have a wedding date! It will be on June 2, 2012 at St Joseph the Worker (Chapel 2) Clarkfield. =)

Now I need to book our ROM for June 2, 2011. I tried to book it online last night but apparently it’s fully booked! I was so pissed! We still need to look for a venue where to hold the ROM ceremony. I have been inquiring with hotels & restaurants but most of them have a minimum pax required or we need to pay $500++ for function room rental (excluding lunch). No way!! It’ll only be L & I plus two witness for a 15 minute ceremony and I won’t shell out $500 just for that.

I found one restaurant in Sentosa, they can provide tables & chairs for us to use and we can hold the ceremony at their al-fresco but I’m not too keen firstly because I’ve read bad reviews about their food considering the steep price of $45+ for a three course meal, second, they suggested dinner time but I prefer to do it during lunch time.

After the venue, I still need to look for a solemnizer! I really need to book this ROM asap!!

And now the next question is… What’s the motif?
March 20, 2011, 8:36 pm
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This has probably been the most asked question SO  FAR. Only our families, a few close friends and relatives  know about our plans (not even our house mates know we’re about to get married, at least NOT YET) but so far this question wins by a landslide and  I expect it be the #1 FAQ of this wedding! So, to get things started, after browsing thru tons of wedding blogs and wedding sites, I finally had an idea of what color I prefer. I like pale and light colors with the vintagey and formal look. I didn’t like the bright and bold colors which was the opposite of what L likes but heck, he gave me the permission that in the end, the final decision will be mine anyway.

So I narrowed down my faves to these colors which is in order of preference:

#1 Plum, eggplant, powder blue, gray

I like this color palette a lot! It’s my number 1 pick! I showed it to L and he didn’t like it. He said the colors looked sad. I asked him what colors he prefer and he is leaning towards blue.

#2 Yellow, powder blue, gray

So L is biased towards blue since it’s his favorite color. But the shade of blue that he likes is not aesthetically nice for a wedding motif! =) I asked him what color he prefers and he mentioned blue and yellow to which I cringe and told him it’ll look like it’s a beach wedding! But nevertheless, I still made a color palette based on his preference but still the turned out to be pale.

#3 Different shades of blue, green and gray

As you may have noticed, I am partial to the color gray. I really want it to be part of my motif, no matter what color we choose. I made this palette as another attempt to give in to L’s request of incorporating blue. But I’m still not giddy about this color. Hmmm..

#4 Old rose, peach, green and gray

I think this is a fun color combination, I’m just not sure if I’ll be able to pull it off.

#5 Different shades of pink + gray

I also prefer pink, but my sister already used fuschia pink as her color motif for her wedding last year so I’m kinda having second thoughts on pink although I love these shades of pink combined together, plus the inevitable gray of course.

We haven’t made an official decision yet but ‘m really leaning towards the plum, eggplant & gray theme. I have yet to inform L and confirm to him but I already told him a few days back that I’m really partial to these colors.

Church Hunting
March 19, 2011, 6:13 am
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I particularly do not have a specific requirement when it comes to the church except that it has to be air-conditioned! L easily feels uncomfortable when it comes to hot and humid places and considering all eyes will be on us on the big day, he’d definitely sweat buckets so an air-conditoned church is a MUST!

My parents were kind enough to do church ocular visits for us and ask for church requirements. a few weeks back they visited Chapel 1 and Chapel 2 in Clark. They took photos, requirements and my dad happily emailed them to me.

They first visited Our Lady Of Remedies (Chapel 1) which was stunning! I haven’t seen it personally but it was beautiful in pictures. My parents initially suggested this church because they felt that the other church (St. Joseph) was too small but the big drawback was all the requirements that we need to submit! It was all too much! And the officiating priest has to a BISHOP. Yes a bishop! Hence, we scratch chapel 1 off from our list and our parents headed to St. Joseph the Worker (Chapel 2) to ask for requirements. We just had to pay the P6,000 reservation fee and we can have our wedding date already, so Chapel 2 it is!