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Church Hunting
March 19, 2011, 6:13 am
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I particularly do not have a specific requirement when it comes to the church except that it has to be air-conditioned! L easily feels uncomfortable when it comes to hot and humid places and considering all eyes will be on us on the big day, he’d definitely sweat buckets so an air-conditoned church is a MUST!

My parents were kind enough to do church ocular visits for us and ask for church requirements. a few weeks back they visited Chapel 1 and Chapel 2 in Clark. They took photos, requirements and my dad happily emailed them to me.

They first visited Our Lady Of Remedies (Chapel 1) which was stunning! I haven’t seen it personally but it was beautiful in pictures. My parents initially suggested this church because they felt that the other church (St. Joseph) was too small but the big drawback was all the requirements that we need to submit! It was all too much! And the officiating priest has to a BISHOP. Yes a bishop! Hence, we scratch chapel 1 off from our list and our parents headed to St. Joseph the Worker (Chapel 2) to ask for requirements. We just had to pay the P6,000 reservation fee and we can have our wedding date already, so Chapel 2 it is!


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so, how was the church on the day? =)

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