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And now the next question is… What’s the motif?
March 20, 2011, 8:36 pm
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This has probably been the most asked question SO  FAR. Only our families, a few close friends and relatives  know about our plans (not even our house mates know we’re about to get married, at least NOT YET) but so far this question wins by a landslide and  I expect it be the #1 FAQ of this wedding! So, to get things started, after browsing thru tons of wedding blogs and wedding sites, I finally had an idea of what color I prefer. I like pale and light colors with the vintagey and formal look. I didn’t like the bright and bold colors which was the opposite of what L likes but heck, he gave me the permission that in the end, the final decision will be mine anyway.

So I narrowed down my faves to these colors which is in order of preference:

#1 Plum, eggplant, powder blue, gray

I like this color palette a lot! It’s my number 1 pick! I showed it to L and he didn’t like it. He said the colors looked sad. I asked him what colors he prefer and he is leaning towards blue.

#2 Yellow, powder blue, gray

So L is biased towards blue since it’s his favorite color. But the shade of blue that he likes is not aesthetically nice for a wedding motif! =) I asked him what color he prefers and he mentioned blue and yellow to which I cringe and told him it’ll look like it’s a beach wedding! But nevertheless, I still made a color palette based on his preference but still the turned out to be pale.

#3 Different shades of blue, green and gray

As you may have noticed, I am partial to the color gray. I really want it to be part of my motif, no matter what color we choose. I made this palette as another attempt to give in to L’s request of incorporating blue. But I’m still not giddy about this color. Hmmm..

#4 Old rose, peach, green and gray

I think this is a fun color combination, I’m just not sure if I’ll be able to pull it off.

#5 Different shades of pink + gray

I also prefer pink, but my sister already used fuschia pink as her color motif for her wedding last year so I’m kinda having second thoughts on pink although I love these shades of pink combined together, plus the inevitable gray of course.

We haven’t made an official decision yet but ‘m really leaning towards the plum, eggplant & gray theme. I have yet to inform L and confirm to him but I already told him a few days back that I’m really partial to these colors.


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