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Wedding Songs
April 18, 2011, 10:49 pm
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Last night we were talking about the wedding. I asked L what song he thinks should be our wedding dance song. I told him I have something in mind and it’s a Goo Goo Dolls song. I asked him to guess what it is and he immediately said black balloon and he got it right haha! I then asked him what he thought of it and he said it was ok. Apparently he had something else in mind, and something better! At last, the first contribution of my future husband in planning this wedding is choosing the first dance song!

When we were just more than a year of being boyfriend/girlfriend, I made a video/photo compilation as a surprise to him (cheesy I KNOW! but it’s sweet haha) and he thought of the song that I used for that video to be our first dance song. It was perfect! He didn’t have to convince me, It was like a wedding proposal, I immediately said yes! =) I don’t want our wedding dance to be choreographed. I’ve seen a lot of first dances with WAY TOO MUCH choreography (with lifting and all!) and I find it tacky and, uhm, insincere and unromantic? If ever we decide (I’m kinda fickleminded remember?) to have it choreographed, I don’t want it to be fully choreographed! I want some parts of the dance wherein we’d just naturally sashay to the music and enjoy the beautiful song!

For the bridal march, we also agreed on this song and it’s non negotiable.

Warning, cheesy moment alert!

When we were still “dating”  (if you would call that dating),  we were infront of Holy Rosary Church when he kinda went on his knees and sang that song!!!!!!!!!!!! I know!!!! Back then, it gave me the chills and I cringed because I still didn’t like him then hahaha!! I can’t remember WHY he did that, I have very blurry memories of that night but I didn’t forget the song and the way he sang it – it was just OK haha (ok I felt like an American Idol judge after typing that)! That song is really perfect for the bridal march (at least for us)!

So there you go, I’m so happy that we chose songs that are meaningful to us. It’s only a small accomplishment but it feels good that slowly, details of the wedding are being finalized.


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