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Chapel 2
May 23, 2011, 11:15 pm
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What’s a church wedding without a church?! Today I want to talk about our church. St Joseph the Worker a.k.a. Chapel 2 is the first “supplier” that we booked. We always pass by this church whenever we drive thru Mc Donalds in Clark but both of us haven’t seen its interiors.

When my dad sent me the requirements and do’s and don’ts for weddings, two particular don’ts caught my eye! One, no bearers and flower girls below the age of 5 are allowed and two, no confetti allowed – what a bummer! L’s nephew who will be coming all the way from the States will be there for our wedding and we plan to make him one of our bearers considering he’s also my inaanak. Knowing me, I don’t take No for an answer haha (not on the first try), I knew I had to go around with it and talk with the church staff or something. Good thing they didn’t get to experience my persuasiveness first hand because when my parents called their office to confirm this info, they were informed that they do allow bearers that are 5 year old and below so no worries!

But sadly, for the confetti thing, they really do not allow it. This is not really a big issue for me so I let it pass. Now I’m thinking of alternatives to confetti. Two ideas that I’m considering are bubbles and wedding wands. Or I could do both, but wouldn’t it look messy? I have more than a year to make up mind anyway.

I’ve seen wedding bubbles like these sold online but I hope I could find a cheaper alternative.

Looks fun isn’t it?

These wands are definitely DIYable

Another thing that has been bothering me is the short aisle at this church. The church is pretty small and I’m afraid the first lines of the bridal march song haven’t even started and I’m at the altar already. I could master the art of walking very slow but I still think the church aisle is really short no matter how slow I go.

Not too appealing on the outside.

Not too appealing on the inside either hehe but it looks pretty when dressed up.

Well, I’m not the first bride to walk down this aisle and they certainly didn’t have any problems with it, so would I, I suppose so I won’t sweat this one out!

17 days to go before our ROM! haha nag count down talaga!


Tis the season to get married
May 12, 2011, 11:08 pm
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I am refraining from being active and posting in w@w group since I realized a lot of our batchmates, friends and other acquaintances are getting married soon and they might have joined the group as either active posters or “lurkers”. For now, I’ll just be a lurker considering our identities our not at all hidden since we are using our yahoo email unless I’d create a new anonymous yahoo email. I don’t want go thru all that trouble though.

Things I learned so far
May 12, 2011, 10:39 pm
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Planning this wedding made me learn a few things and I’ll try to enumerate them:

  1. PROMPTLY REPLYING TO EMAILS IS AN ALIEN THING FOR MOST BUSINESSES IN THE PI. Maybe I just got used to the way things work here in Singapore, send an email and you’d get a reply within 24 hours and if you don’t, you’ll receive an apologetic email. But no, this doesn’t apply to the Philippines. Send an email and a week passed by and you still won’t receive a reply unless you bug them with RESEND emails, call them or have someone personally visit their office.  If it’s our lucky day and you receive a reply, usually it will not contain all the information that you requested and will lead to more frustrating email exchanges.
  2. I LOVE BULLETS. I found myself sending emails to suppliers which are very detailed and in bullet forms. I like bullets because they make my long questions seem short, they simplify my life and keeps things organized!
  3. I AM FICKLE. I change my mind every now and then so more than a year of preparation is just enough time. I have more than a year to think thoroughly on what things we really want for the wedding. But how come I booked our venue, photographer and videographer so easily? It’s because I have been researching since 2009 when I was helping my sister with her wedding so come my turn, I basically already know which suppliers I want. It’s just the small details now that’s brings out the fickleness in me.
  4. I CAN GET IMPATIENT. Late email replies. Enough said.
  5. I DON’T LIKE STIFF & CHOREOGRAPHED POSES. I tend to cringe whenever I see pictorials that are super choreographed.  I fall in love with random, stolen and heartfelt photos.
  6. YOU’D GET SUCKED IN THE WEDDING PREPARATIONS. This probably won’t be the case for grooms to be, but I’m sure a lot of brides could relate. Once you’ve started the wedding preparations, it just sucks the life out of you. Ok, it’s just an exaggeration but you get what I mean. Before we booked all major suppliers, I would sometimes be half-awake in the middle of the night just thinking about it. LOL. I know. Sometime in the middle of a day, you’d see a nice color – ooohh perfect wedding motif, you’d hear a nice song – oohh perfect wedding party song, you’d see a dress – oo this would look good on the bridesmaids. I’m proud to say that I a slowly graduating from this phase, or so I think?
So far these are all I could think of! All in all it’s a good experience thus this blog exists to document it all! Yay!

Of colors and outfits
May 12, 2011, 9:55 pm
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Motif update! I wanted all female principal sponsors’ outfits to be uniformed so we thought of providing them cloth/material which they could for their gowns. My sister and I went shopping in Bugis and saw the perfect color (at least for us) that would complement the dusky teal + gray theme that we initially had. The color will be a sort of an old rose/rose petal tone. I don’t exactly know the name of it, but for now I’ll leave it at that until I find the name for this color. The mothers’ gowns will still be grayish/platinum hue. I showed my mami the photos of the gowns in the inspiration board and she liked them.

For the male principal sponsors’ outfits, we plan to give them coordinating neckties, that is if we will require them to wear suits. Same thing goes with the groomsmen, we’ll provide them matching neckties and maybe uhm, matching socks?

The bridesmaids gowns will be a dusky teal color but we I haven’t decided if we will push thru with different shades of dusky teal OR one shade of dusky teal with hint of gray OR pure dusky teal for all bridesmaids. One thing for sure though is that the gowns will be floor length, flowy chiffon and will have varying necklines/styles.

I haven’t thought of anything for the flowergirls and bearers though. =)