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Time to talk about our venue
June 27, 2011, 9:41 pm
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I haven’t blogged about the details yet but our reception will be at Grand Palazzo Royale (GPR). I remember being there for the first time. I haven’t attended a wedding there yet but we’ve been there. During one of our anniversaries (I think second year anniversary), we had our date at Ciccolo Restaurant which is owned by GPR. There was a wedding that night and right after our dinner, we walked passed by the visitors at that wedding in all their bongga outfit glory. Turns out they were anticipating the fireworks display and just when we reach our vehicle, they started lighting up the fireworks.

I then had a thought, hey I want to get married in this place! Right after that, I googled their website and saw the exorbitant price for their package and was saddened by the fact that I know there is no way we could afford that kind of wedding! I was still working in the Philippines then and had been working for less than 2 years since graduation and L has been working for less than a year so you could just imagine how poor we were haha!

Now that we are rich (how i wish haha) struggling OFWs, we can finally afford the dream wedding that we want! When we started planning the wedding earlier this year, Grand Palazzo was surprisingly not my first choice. I saw pictures of its interiors online and found it too “grand” for my taste. We first thought of Fontana which for us was perfect but after painstakingly communicating with them trying to book the place, I got fed up and just gave up and we chose GPR instead. Communicating with GPR is not exactly a breeze but they’re not as terrible as the former. I have a lot of questions up to the tiny teeny details and they are probably annoyed by me but that’s me! I’m starting to think that I’ve already turned into those annoying OC brides!

My parents, as usual, were the ones who did an ocular for us and they liked GPR better. They took photos of the place when they went there for the first time.

main ballroom

buffet area

The second time that they went there was when they made the downpayment already. Luckily there was a wedding that time and they were able to see the place “in action” and they really liked it so all the more that I was convinced that this is where the reception should take place!

the facade

buffet area now dressed up

i guess this is one of their standard centerpieces

stanza rossa (middle ballroom)

love the Tiffany chairs 🙂

For now I’m still contemplating if we will get an upgrade to suit the decor according to our theme. We will be getting Badang Rueda and I don’t know if we could get away with not getting an upgrade and DIY some of the stuff.


First DIY
June 25, 2011, 8:43 pm
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I have been browsing countless websites for invites inspiration to jumpstart my DIY. has been my favorite website so far. I know it’s quite early to start doing DIYs now but I’m a procrastinator so I need to start doing stuff.

My long time dream is to have letter pressed invites but I know they will cost us a bomb! People will just throw the invites anyway so why bother too much.

I initially thought of doing report card invites to go with our school chic theme but I thought it’ll be tacky!!! I can’t pull it off! I also tried doing a monogram ala school logo but it’s a failure! It’s horrendous, I can’t stand looking at it!!

Here’s proof!

my epic failure of a monogram! hahaha!! horrendous!!

Anyway, my idea now is to just have normal invites with school theme chic. The envelopes will be string envelopes. I wonder where I could find this type of envelope in the color that I like!

string envelopes (image from mag pie paper works)

I made prototype invites which I think still fits our theme but doesn’t completely shout “elementary school”.  Right now I think they’re quite decent but who knows, tomorrow I might cringe and have a “what-the-hell-was-I-thinking-moment” again (just like with the monograms). I haven’t finished the RSVP card which will be a bookmark.

first page

main invite

I am still having second thoughtss if I will push thru with DIY invites since we don’t have a printer here (I’m thinking of buying a second hand unit) and the materials here is expensive! However, if I will have them made in the Philippines, the cheapest will be around Php50 per set. I need to do a more thorough researching to check which is more cost effective. But I really like the idea of doing our own invites because it’s fun and I really like working with paper and it adds charm to the wedding. 🙂

It takes some getting used to
June 23, 2011, 10:13 pm
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referring to him as my husband that is. I still refer to him as my boyfriend in some conversations.

Yes we are now officially mr and mrs – at least in Singapore until we file our marriage at the embassy!

It was a surreal feeling, being there, getting married to the love of your life. It was only us plus my sister and her husband as witnesses.  I reserved a VIP room at Todai Restaurant in Marina Bay Sands which they provided to us for free. When we entered the room, we were surprised and overwhelmed that they made an effort to semi-decorate the place.

I didn’t expect to feel nervous or anything but surprisingly I felt fidgety. I guess the solemnizer felt the tension and asked if we were nervous. But L was more nervous. When he started saying his vows (which our solemnizer asked us to memorize!!), his hands were cold, he was trembling and he was kinda stuttering! It’s the typical him! haha! I couldn’t help but wonder what will happen on the church wedding, he might faint?

I on the other hand was laughing maniacally! It was probably because I’m not used to hearing him deliver a well memorized speech, because he was so darn nervous, because we are not used to being formal or because I was just trying to conceal my own nervousness!

an almost chinese looking me from too much laughing

After that I recited my own vows which I felt was ok but my sister said I delivered it too fast. Oh well. For the church wedding I’d prepare water proof make-up in anticipation for the cry baby in me.

The ceremony was fast! We signed the documents, we kissed and we were pronounced husband and wife! Extreme happiness!

After that was pig-out time! I was so happy (and proud of myself haha) that I booked Todai Restaurant. I was initially thinking of doing the ROM in a fancier restaurant with three course set meal for a more formal setting but the glutton in me stopped me from doing so! I thought that if we stick with the fancier set meals, it’ll be expensive plus we won’t really have as much fun (and food) as compared to having buffet. So buffet it is! And it was the best decision I made! We love buffets and we couldn’t be any happier – getting married and then eating to our hearts content!


Poppin’ the question
June 23, 2011, 9:40 pm
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The church, venue, photographer and videographer have already been booked for the church wedding and it was only 16 days before our ROM (civil wedding) when he proposed!

I didn’t suspect anything that night and I certainly didn’t expect him to still “pop the question” after all the preparations we’ve made for the wedding. In true “L” fashion, it was simple but nevertheless he still surprised me – he never fails to!

We were about to sleep when he suddenly turned on the flash light app on his phone and started playing with it and shining the light against the window. I guess his planned “trick” didn’t work and I just asked him to turn off the darn light and sleep already.

He then asked me to open the window. I still didn’t suspect anything at this point and just dismissed it as him being his usual playful self. He again asked me again to open the window, this time he said it in a pleading tone slash there-might-be-something-up tone. Now I knew something was up, so all the more that I DIDN’T WANT TO OPEN THE WINDOW.

I thought he wanted me to open the WINDOW itself and I got scared of what I would see behind those windows! Turns out he just wanted me to open the curtains and not the actual windows (hon next time please be specific with your instructions! Lol!).

So I reluctantly pulled back the curtains and was greeted with ”I LOVE YOU HON, WILL YOU MARRY ME?” signs written on A4 paper.  I’m pretty sure those signs weren’t there when I went in the toilet to brush my teeth and up to this moment he still won’t reveal on how and when he placed those A4 paper there haha! Later on I found out that he was shining the light of his phone against the window expecting the signs to be illuminated but unfortunately they didn’t!

After that he pulled out a box (out of nowhere! from the bedside table I suppose), popped the question and slipped the bling bling on my finger. =)

That night I slept with the ring on and later realized that it wasn’t a good idea since the ring just kept on being caught up in the bed sheet and blanket. I was kinda half awake the entire night because of euphoria.