bridezilla tendencies

It takes some getting used to
June 23, 2011, 10:13 pm
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referring to him as my husband that is. I still refer to him as my boyfriend in some conversations.

Yes we are now officially mr and mrs – at least in Singapore until we file our marriage at the embassy!

It was a surreal feeling, being there, getting married to the love of your life. It was only us plus my sister and her husband as witnesses.  I reserved a VIP room at Todai Restaurant in Marina Bay Sands which they provided to us for free. When we entered the room, we were surprised and overwhelmed that they made an effort to semi-decorate the place.

I didn’t expect to feel nervous or anything but surprisingly I felt fidgety. I guess the solemnizer felt the tension and asked if we were nervous. But L was more nervous. When he started saying his vows (which our solemnizer asked us to memorize!!), his hands were cold, he was trembling and he was kinda stuttering! It’s the typical him! haha! I couldn’t help but wonder what will happen on the church wedding, he might faint?

I on the other hand was laughing maniacally! It was probably because I’m not used to hearing him deliver a well memorized speech, because he was so darn nervous, because we are not used to being formal or because I was just trying to conceal my own nervousness!

an almost chinese looking me from too much laughing

After that I recited my own vows which I felt was ok but my sister said I delivered it too fast. Oh well. For the church wedding I’d prepare water proof make-up in anticipation for the cry baby in me.

The ceremony was fast! We signed the documents, we kissed and we were pronounced husband and wife! Extreme happiness!

After that was pig-out time! I was so happy (and proud of myself haha) that I booked Todai Restaurant. I was initially thinking of doing the ROM in a fancier restaurant with three course set meal for a more formal setting but the glutton in me stopped me from doing so! I thought that if we stick with the fancier set meals, it’ll be expensive plus we won’t really have as much fun (and food) as compared to having buffet. So buffet it is! And it was the best decision I made! We love buffets and we couldn’t be any happier – getting married and then eating to our hearts content!



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