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First DIY
June 25, 2011, 8:43 pm
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I have been browsing countless websites for invites inspiration to jumpstart my DIY. has been my favorite website so far. I know it’s quite early to start doing DIYs now but I’m a procrastinator so I need to start doing stuff.

My long time dream is to have letter pressed invites but I know they will cost us a bomb! People will just throw the invites anyway so why bother too much.

I initially thought of doing report card invites to go with our school chic theme but I thought it’ll be tacky!!! I can’t pull it off! I also tried doing a monogram ala school logo but it’s a failure! It’s horrendous, I can’t stand looking at it!!

Here’s proof!

my epic failure of a monogram! hahaha!! horrendous!!

Anyway, my idea now is to just have normal invites with school theme chic. The envelopes will be string envelopes. I wonder where I could find this type of envelope in the color that I like!

string envelopes (image from mag pie paper works)

I made prototype invites which I think still fits our theme but doesn’t completely shout “elementary school”.  Right now I think they’re quite decent but who knows, tomorrow I might cringe and have a “what-the-hell-was-I-thinking-moment” again (just like with the monograms). I haven’t finished the RSVP card which will be a bookmark.

first page

main invite

I am still having second thoughtss if I will push thru with DIY invites since we don’t have a printer here (I’m thinking of buying a second hand unit) and the materials here is expensive! However, if I will have them made in the Philippines, the cheapest will be around Php50 per set. I need to do a more thorough researching to check which is more cost effective. But I really like the idea of doing our own invites because it’s fun and I really like working with paper and it adds charm to the wedding. 🙂


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