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Time to talk about our venue
June 27, 2011, 9:41 pm
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I haven’t blogged about the details yet but our reception will be at Grand Palazzo Royale (GPR). I remember being there for the first time. I haven’t attended a wedding there yet but we’ve been there. During one of our anniversaries (I think second year anniversary), we had our date at Ciccolo Restaurant which is owned by GPR. There was a wedding that night and right after our dinner, we walked passed by the visitors at that wedding in all their bongga outfit glory. Turns out they were anticipating the fireworks display and just when we reach our vehicle, they started lighting up the fireworks.

I then had a thought, hey I want to get married in this place! Right after that, I googled their website and saw the exorbitant price for their package and was saddened by the fact that I know there is no way we could afford that kind of wedding! I was still working in the Philippines then and had been working for less than 2 years since graduation and L has been working for less than a year so you could just imagine how poor we were haha!

Now that we are rich (how i wish haha) struggling OFWs, we can finally afford the dream wedding that we want! When we started planning the wedding earlier this year, Grand Palazzo was surprisingly not my first choice. I saw pictures of its interiors online and found it too “grand” for my taste. We first thought of Fontana which for us was perfect but after painstakingly communicating with them trying to book the place, I got fed up and just gave up and we chose GPR instead. Communicating with GPR is not exactly a breeze but they’re not as terrible as the former. I have a lot of questions up to the tiny teeny details and they are probably annoyed by me but that’s me! I’m starting to think that I’ve already turned into those annoying OC brides!

My parents, as usual, were the ones who did an ocular for us and they liked GPR better. They took photos of the place when they went there for the first time.

main ballroom

buffet area

The second time that they went there was when they made the downpayment already. Luckily there was a wedding that time and they were able to see the place “in action” and they really liked it so all the more that I was convinced that this is where the reception should take place!

the facade

buffet area now dressed up

i guess this is one of their standard centerpieces

stanza rossa (middle ballroom)

love the Tiffany chairs 🙂

For now I’m still contemplating if we will get an upgrade to suit the decor according to our theme. We will be getting Badang Rueda and I don’t know if we could get away with not getting an upgrade and DIY some of the stuff.


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