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The Dreaded Envelope Sleeve
October 1, 2011, 6:03 pm
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I have been procrastinating for the longest time and finally I was able to gather enthusiasm to start working on a prototype envelope sleeve for the invitation. We finally found a the paper that we will use for it and it’s the closest match to our motif that we could find. I didn’t use it for the prototype though because I only had one piece and I didn’t want to ruin it so I used the extra dark teal paper that we had.

Finally found the "one"

This color is the closest match we could find and our motif is now leaning towards a greenish shade instead of bluish, which I don’t mind at all.

Materials for my experiment!

We bought a new paper cutter since my sister’s paper cutter was too small! I still need to get the hang of using it but so far so good! And it has a paper scorer too!!

Tadah! Finished product!

I used a one dollar coin to trace the half circle in the middle. You would notice that the half circle is not properly centered. I was rushing and didn’t really make a good job in calculating the “middle part”!

In you go!

I was quite pleased with the result considering this is my first try.

And it fits! Uhm, kinda...

I need to make adjustments on the length of the invitation since the paper that we used for it is letter sized and the envelope is A4 size.

Rough mock-up!!

I tried creating a mock-up of the belly band and the circle is supposed to be our monogram. I’m still thinking if we are going to use string or a not so fancy ribbon to put in between the belly band and the logo (in this case, I used yet another strap of paper).

I’m a happy DIYer!! 🙂


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great job! i noticed you placed eyelets (tama ba?) on your invitation to hold the sheets together…may i know where did you buy those and how do you attach them to the paper? hope you could help me. thanks!

Comment by Aileen Africa

you could buy them at daiso sis =)

Comment by yshudicare

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