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Our printed invites!
November 12, 2011, 1:49 pm
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Suspicious looking package! Let’s take a peek!!

Tadah!! Our A3 sized invites ready for cutting!

A closer look on the prints…

I love it that the prints are not “flat” as compared to inkjet printing!!
Here’s my attempt at showing you how nice the prints are!! Happy!!

Despite doing the invite design in Illustrator and using CMYK instead of RGB, the colors still didn’t turn out exactly the same as the colors that we see in my lappy so what I did was to make 4 different color variations of the hue and made a test print at the shop. Prior to that, I already prepared 4 different color versions of the invites so right then and there at the print shop, we decided which shade we wanted and had it mass printed!

Now I hope we don’t screw up with the cutting!!


Engagement Shoot Look Book 1
November 9, 2011, 11:42 pm
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We will be having two engagement shoots, one is with Jaja Samaniego and the other is with The Seekers. Both photographers have different styles but are equally talented!

For our shoot with Jaja, the first location will be at our elementary school and second location is yet to be figured out. One thing I’m certain is it has to be outdoors (i.e. park/garden) since the second look will be junk food theme (we’re both junk food junkies! bad! ). The third look will be formal attire.

So far I have managed to create the look book for the elementary school. The other two, I haven’t decided which look I will go for.

He – shorts, loafers, pastel colored/printed shirt, pastel colored coat, quirky bow tie
She – pastel colored/printed top & mini skirt, shoes/sandals with colored socks, hair bow and colorful accessories

I already showed this to my husband and he gave me the thumbs up and the go signal!

For our engagement shoot with The Seekers, I gave RV the freedom to choose whatever theme he wants since thy’re throwing us the engagement shoot for free and he has yet to send me the pegs for the looks he has in mind.

Outfit shopping should be fun! Busy month ahead!!! Gearing up for stress this coming December!

Boutonniere Idea
November 9, 2011, 11:17 pm
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I have been struggling with the spelling for “boutonniere”. I have to google it all the time just to get it right!!

Since we are having a school chic theme, I wanted our boutonnieres to be quirky and fun! I saw some cute boutonnieres that have miniature boats, tennis racket, violins, dice, etc and thought I could do the same! I came up with the idea to incorporate miniature school related items such as pencil, crayon, book, school bag, blackboard, etc into our boutonnieres to be mixed with ribbons and fabrics. I haven’t decided on the final design yet but what the heck, I’ll figure it out sooner or later =)

Since it’s troublesome to scour miniature version of these school supplies, I decided to ask someone to create the miniatures out of polymer clay.

Can’t wait to see the final designs! I will receive the miniatures when we come home this December and then I will purchase all the materials in the PI as well and assembly will be in Singapore. The boutonnieres for the principal sponsors will be more formal and won’t have the miniatures but will still be DIYed and made from fabric flowers.

*all photos in this post are from my lappy so I forgot the links where I got them*

Our invites are ready for assembly!!!!!
November 9, 2011, 10:38 pm
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We finally had our invites printed out!! We experienced a few hiccups here and there but the feeling of finally seeing my artwork printed on paper is priceless!

We were supposed to print the invites using an inkjet printer that I will borrow from a very kind w@wie here in SG (hi sis c:) but she encountered problems with her invites so she had to reprint them. We had to resort to proffesional printing but it had to be cheap!

My purchaser superpowers came to work (I am so used to doing this at work lol) so I was able to ask for hundreds several quotations and trimmed the selection to the most cost efficient! We found a cheap printing shop but turns out that the inkjet paper that we bought from the Philippines was not compatible with professional laser printers so I decided to just use those paper for our other DIYs (guestbook, menu, place cards, etc) and we figured it will be cheaper to use the paper from the print shop!

I also figured it will be cheaper to print our invites if they were on A3 size! Total printing costed $100 (Php3,300) for 100 pcs A3 size prints (100 sets of invitation). The paper they used is 250gsm card paper. Not bad at all right?!! For those interested, the print shop i called Tampines Printing services.

Professional printing looks soooo much nicer as compared to inkjet printing! It was so worth it!!

I will post the photos on my next blog post =)