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Pre-Wedding in a Nutshell
July 7, 2012, 4:20 pm
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Wedding’s over, I’ve deleted all wedding related files on my lappy to make way for much needed space, I stopped browsing wedding blogs, haven’t posted in w@w for quite a while, we’re back to our old routine and now its back-blogging time!

We arrived in the Philippines two weeks before the wedding, I had my “to-do list” ready and appointments with suppliers (whom mostly we will personally meet for the first time) all set. Those two weeks were really busy but not as busy as I expected them to be. I guess planning the wedding a year ahead really did the trick! Although I used to think that if we planned a year ahead, we don’t need to do a single thing a month before the wedding but of course I was wrong. It turns out all the nitty gritty little details had to be settled at the last minute and surprisingly I wasn’t stressed out. I was a bridechilla, our suppliers also noticed how calm I was haha.

Our “costumes”

As soon as we got out of the airport, we went straight ahead to our couturier Tito Philip Torres to have my first fitting EVER. I was a little nervous on seeing the gown for the first time because it was the very first custom made clothing that I will have and I’m not sure how it will look like. I’m used to seeing and trying on things before I buy them so this is completely alien to me. I even contemplated on ordering a ready made gown in Singapore just to be on the safe side but in the end I decided to just have it custom made.

I was finally relieved when I saw the gown and tried it on. It was still bare when I fitted it but it was already beautiful. I guess I put on a little weight (I wasn’t surprised!) and they had to do a little adjustment before they put all the embellishments. I was really happy how it turned out and the color is the perfect shade of white that I wanted. My husband had to wait on the restaurant opposite Tito Philip’s shop so he wouldn’t be able to see the gown. Drama! His suit was due for fitting a few days after and of course I had to accompany him. The buttons and all the final details of the suit weren’t attached yet but we really liked the material and the fit of the suit. The pants also fitted perfectly, I didn’t know he has a butt! That was until two days before the wedding when we noticed that the fit of the sleeve (specially at the back) of the suit was a little off. It wasn’t that big of a deal but we still tried to have it fixed and brought it back to Tito Philip’s shop but it was too late since it will take a few days to have it done so we just let it off. I think nobody even noticed the sleeve and my husband still looked handsome anyway 🙂

School Chic Reception

We also met Mother Badang twice before the wedding day to finalize details at the reception. Mother Badang had to work around our limited “budget” and still be able to pull-off a “school chic” theme. Initially he planned to place a book shelf on the stage but later on said that he planned something else. Turns out he thought of hanging books as our back drop which was a nifty idea. I was really glad that Mother B was the one who styled our reception. I was initially “afraid” to inquire from him since he is a big name in the industry and the word “expensive” is already associated with his name but he is super flexible and very nice.

With Mother B!!

Do it Ourselves!

Mother Badang asked us to do last minute DIYs -VIP place cards and “notes” card for guests to be placed on the tables, which fortunately we were able to finish in a couple of days. Thanks to our “work force” comprised of my brothers and sister in law! We wanted to use colored pencils for the guests to use to write on the cards so we bought around 6 boxes of colored pencils and I had the idea of cutting them in half so we could save money since we don’t really need full sized colored pencils. My husband, brother in law and father in law had to manually saw the pencils in half and sharpen them. We were really glad we had the help we needed because if it was just the two of us, it would’ve taken us a few days to finish it all off.

My mom also helped me with the other last minute DIYs that I had to make like additional wedding wands, wrapping the principal sponsors’ presents and guests favors (customized pencils), arrhae pillow, missalettes and garter. My mom enjoys doing crafty stuff so she was happy she was still able to join on the whole DIY thingy since I already finished most of the other DIYs in Singapore. I also asked my “artist” brother to do the lettering for our “here comes the bride” sign which was supposed to look like chalkboard written on heart shaped black board. Doing the DIYs was a fun way to bond with our families.

My Mom & I being “crafty” lol

gifts for male principal sponsors =)

Dream Team

Next thing that we had to tick off my list was to meet our other suppliers – coordinator, band, choir, church flowers, lights and sounds, cake, reception venue and entourage outfit fittings. Yes it was a lot to take in but we survived! I was really calm all throughout the final detailing process, I guess I just got a bit overwhelmed but I didn’t feel pressured or stressed out at all. All the meetings went smoothly and I had a good feeling all our suppliers will deliver and they really did! 🙂

All geared up for our food tasting at Grand Palazzo

I also needed to finalize the backdrop and layout of our photo booth pictures. I didn’t want to fret about the photo booth and it was the last thing on my mind and my least priority so I just mentioned that our theme is school chic and I sent them one of our pre-nup photos which we wanted to be placed on the layout. They emailed me the following day the draft layout. We only had two revisions, it was that fast! I loved the final output.

final photo booth layout

We also met up with our cake supplier Tita Aida of Cakes 2U. I was only able to finalize the wedding cake that I wanted a few weeks before the wedding. I chose a simple cake design just like the photo below but I asked her to do a gradient version of it in blue color. I also requested a caricature cake topper version of us in school uniforms but I will wear a veil and holding a bouquet and my husband will wear a bow tie.

inspiration for the cake topper

inspiration for the cake

The seamstress for the gowns and vests/pants Tita Imelda Lansang just dropped off all the outfits at our house. Our friends then just went there to try them on, no alterations were needed for most of the outfits and it’s such a relief because Tita Imelda wasn’t the one who took the measurements of the entourage. All measurements were just sent to her via email and she did  a good job with the fit. The only major alterations made were for my two brothers, sister and mom, the rest didn’t need any adjustments.

My mom and sister fitting their gowns

Hello bridesmaids!

More bridesmaids 🙂

Work it bro!


A day before the wedding, we were scheduled to have a confession and the priest also briefed us on what to do during the wedding day. We were required to memorize some of the passages and even our personal vows (gasp!). The moment he mentioned that we need to memorize the vows, I immediately knew I wouldn’t be able to do it. I know I’ll be a crying mess and the last thing  I wanted was to memorize my vow. The priest also discussed marriage life and all the works.


I didn’t expect my dad would agree when I pitched the idea of doing  a “mash up” father-daughter dance to him but surprisingly, he agreed to do it. During our usual chats over skype I will persuade him to do it and he would always say no. Things got a little different when I asked my brothers to join the dance during the “fast beat” part and we told my dad about it and this time he answered “bahala na”. I knew right then that he would do it! Haha!

father daughter (& brother) dance practice!!

Way to go dad!

For our wedding dance, I thought we should do a choreographed dance but since we didn’t really have time to practice, I brushed off the idea. Our wedding song was just a minute long anyway . I think it was two days before the wedding when we were at our house  doing a “jamming session” when I thought why not do a song and dance number at the reception. I mean my singing skills were mediocre but I think we could pull it off with my husband playing the guitar. We still didn’t have the time to practice and we were only able to do it the night before the wedding!

Night before the Big Day

We had two separate villas booked at Fontana for the wedding preparations and that’s where we checked in the night before. We had to ask them to replace the villa that was assigned for my husband because it was right in front of our villa. I was so pissed because what’s the point of booking two separate villas if we are just right in front of each other? That was first among the series of mini heart attacks Fontana has caused me. I badly wanted to complain but decided against it since our family friend was the one booked it for as their wedding gift.

Ideally I wanted to have my “beauty rest” the night before our wedding, but instead I was cramming on burning all the AVPs/videos that needed to be shown at the reception, finishing off a few missalettes and arranging all the things that need to be brought to the church. I slept at around 1am. I didn’t have any wedding jitters at all, I was just pretty excited. 🙂


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