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Labor of Love! Our Wedding DIYs
July 19, 2012, 2:44 pm
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I wish we could’ve DIYed more details for our wedding but nevertheless, these are what we managed to DIY:

1. Invitations

This is our major DIY and painstakingly created 150pcs of these.

Front cover design of our invitation features lyrics from our first dance song

Main invitation. I played with typography and “elementary school pad paper lines”

Entourage Page – I kept it simple. I had trouble fitting all our entourage in one page!

RSVP Page – Again, I played with typography here.

2. Wedding Cord

I had sore fingers and developed calluses while doing this cord but I had fun doing it.

Wedding cord made of crystal & czech beads.

3. Groomsmen Boutonniere 

I ordered custom made polymer clay items and turned them into these:

School stuff made of polymer clay + blue fabric + ribbon + fabric flower

Our school chic boutonniere!

4. Arrhae & Ring Pillow

We didn’t have a single photo of our ring pillow and it’s such a bummer but what the heck! We made big fabric flowers for the pillows.

Arrhae pillow. I bought the cloth to create the flowers from Bugis.

Unofficial Photo because our photographers weren’t able to take a photo and I don’t know why!

5. Candles and matches

We also dressed up our candles and matches using the fabric flowers that we created.

Unity candle set

Offertory candles

Simple matches

6. Garter

My mom helped me sew the garter and lace.


7. Bride (and Groom) Prep Door Sign

Ok, just like the ring pillow, our “groom” sign didn’t have a single photo. I don’t want to dwell on it.

Pastel crayons on black construction paper to create the illusion of chalk on blackboard. Wooden picture frame is from Ikea.

8. “Here comes the bride” Sign

I made the signage and asked my brother to create the lettering.

Again, pastel crayon on black construction paper for that “blackboard” feel

9. Wedding Wands

These were pretty easy to make and were used right before we were showered with rose petals!

Bamboo sticks + ribbons

10. Guest Notes Card

We asked our guests to leave notes for us, we made 200pcs of these!!

We used the caricature my brother made for us.

11. VIP place cards

These served as place cards and “slam book” style cards that our VIP guests filled up.

VP place cards

12. Monogram

Our monogram is simple and incorporated the “elementary school pad paper lines”

Created this monogram using Adobe Illustrator


DIY: Quirky Boutonniere
May 1, 2012, 12:57 pm
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In keeping up with the “school chic” theme, I’ve already decided months before that I wanted our boutonnieres to be quirky and fun. Last year I ordered custom made polymer clay school items such as school bag, lunch box, chalk board etc and I planned to use these for the boutonnieres.

Last week I went to Arab St to purchase ribbons and fabrics that I would be using for the boutonnieres.

Cut out fabrics for the "leaf" ready for sewing

Painstakingly sewed 11 pcs of these

Cut out fabric circles for the small flowers

I had fun making these tiny flowers!

i need to make 7 more of these!

I hope all my DIYs will turn out ok! *sigh*

Our DIY booklet invites
February 1, 2012, 10:06 pm
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I am so happy (and proud!) that we were able to cross out all our to do list for our Philippines trip! Yay! One of those things is to visit each and every one of our principal sponsors and entourage to hand them out their invitations which we painstakingly finished right after Christmas! My husband and I make a really good team! I conceptualized the design, executed it on Adobe Illustrator, scoured for materials and printing service and he was the one who did most of the cutting and assembly as he is more precised and more OC when it comes to straight lines!

The invitation is based on our theme school chic and I didn’t really want it to look like an elementary school project or a kid’s artwork so I made use of typography and elementary school pad paper lines. The cover of the booklet features our first dance song, “one and only” by teitur. My husband was the one who chose this song (cheese alert!) since it was the song I used on the video/photo slideshow I gave him on our our first year together!

As mentioned in my previous post, we were able to find reasonably priced printing service (at least based on Singapore price lol) in Tampines. The colors didn’t really turned out the way we initially wanted them to be. The color is more of a greenish tone as opposed to a bluish tone that we opted but it didn’t really matter as I myself am sometimes confused on what our motif really is. It’s supposed to be dusky teal so it’s really bluish/greenish.
Cost: $100 (including 250gsm card paper)

Cutting and assembly
My husband did the cutting and assembly for all 100pcs of invitation. He was also the one who did all the punching and placing the eyelets since he was more precise with this kind of stuff.
Cost: $20 for the cutter (A4 size)

One of the problems that we encountered was that the eyelet that we were supposed to use for the invites were out of stock at all the Daiso stores so we had to literally look in every DIY shop, craft store, etc for simple silver/black eyelet. We found eyelets that are used for scrap booking and they were expensive (we needed 200pcs). My husband finally found the eyelets at one of the hardware stores near his construction site. If we didn’t find any cheap eyelets I would really go berserk!
Cost: approx $3 for the eyelet, $2 for the eyelet hammer (bought at Daiso)

Invitation Sleeve
We bought the paper that we used for the envelope sleeve at Popular Bookstore, having no other options since we can’t find a color that would match the invites (searching for the right paper took weeks!). The paper that we found is green and I didn’t really want to stress myself any further and look for other colors so we just bought the greenish paper (the size is slightly bigger than A2) which costs $2 each (later on the cost went down to $1) and each paper can make 4 envelope sleeves. I made a prototype and taught my husband how to assemble it. After getting the hang of it, he then made a much much more neater version than my prototype. He initially did the cutting but as we were running out of time, I helped out with the cutting while he assembled them. Assembly is tricky since there’s no turning back once you’ve taped all sides. If you made a mistake, you’ll end up with a reject!
Cost: $$20

Yes there is a ribbon! I mentioned in a previous blog entry that one of my requirements for the invitation is NO ribbons but turns out we’ll end up with an invitation sleeve with a HUGE ribbon! My husband and I actually wanted to have the logo printed and tied up with string but it’ll be more expensive (additional prints + string) and time consuming (we were really running out of time) so we decided to just go with the ribbon! We tried craft stores (Spotlight, etc) but the ribbons there almost gave me a mini heart attack. The prices are ridiculous! A store at Arab St was our savior! I found Kim Soon Company when I searched for ribbons in Singapore and their ribbons are so much more affordable than buying from malls or online shops (screw you spotlight!) and their ribbon selection is huge! I had to put the ribbon on the envelope sleeve all by myself because I wouldn’t dare ask my husband to do it or we’ll end up with a fugly ribbon lol!
Cost: $10 (for 4 rolls of 25meter ribbon)

Half Circle Hole (invitation sleeve)
This was also one of the tricky part of the invitation sleeve! I spent several days thinking and trying to figure out how we’ll be able to do the half circle at the edge of the invitation sleeve. It just wouldn’t be complete without it! Doing it using scissors will be a mess and turn them fugly! I thought of buying craft circle punch but they are so expensive ($50 up). Again my googling skills were put to good use and I was able to find a circle cutter supplier and turns out their office is near our office. The circle cutter is made in Japan, it’s very sturdy and I love it!! By this time all the invitation sleeves were already finished and we cannot afford to mess it up just because of the hole. My husband figured out a nifty way on how to do the half circle and I was relieved when it was all finished!
Cost: $8

Our invites were literally a labor of love and I’m just happy that my husband didn’t complain or object or whatsoever in doing DIY invites even though crafting is really not his thing! He just willingly obliged and followed my lead hehe! It would’ve costed a bomb if we had these type of invites done by professionals (I know because I asked for quotations!) and I’m glad we DIYed them!

Our printed invites!
November 12, 2011, 1:49 pm
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Suspicious looking package! Let’s take a peek!!

Tadah!! Our A3 sized invites ready for cutting!

A closer look on the prints…

I love it that the prints are not “flat” as compared to inkjet printing!!
Here’s my attempt at showing you how nice the prints are!! Happy!!

Despite doing the invite design in Illustrator and using CMYK instead of RGB, the colors still didn’t turn out exactly the same as the colors that we see in my lappy so what I did was to make 4 different color variations of the hue and made a test print at the shop. Prior to that, I already prepared 4 different color versions of the invites so right then and there at the print shop, we decided which shade we wanted and had it mass printed!

Now I hope we don’t screw up with the cutting!!

Boutonniere Idea
November 9, 2011, 11:17 pm
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I have been struggling with the spelling for “boutonniere”. I have to google it all the time just to get it right!!

Since we are having a school chic theme, I wanted our boutonnieres to be quirky and fun! I saw some cute boutonnieres that have miniature boats, tennis racket, violins, dice, etc and thought I could do the same! I came up with the idea to incorporate miniature school related items such as pencil, crayon, book, school bag, blackboard, etc into our boutonnieres to be mixed with ribbons and fabrics. I haven’t decided on the final design yet but what the heck, I’ll figure it out sooner or later =)

Since it’s troublesome to scour miniature version of these school supplies, I decided to ask someone to create the miniatures out of polymer clay.

Can’t wait to see the final designs! I will receive the miniatures when we come home this December and then I will purchase all the materials in the PI as well and assembly will be in Singapore. The boutonnieres for the principal sponsors will be more formal and won’t have the miniatures but will still be DIYed and made from fabric flowers.

*all photos in this post are from my lappy so I forgot the links where I got them*