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Our Wedding was Featured on
July 25, 2012, 10:59 pm
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I was super ecstatic when I found out that our wedding will be featured on Bridal Book! It has always been my dream to be featured there and I really made an effort that our wedding will somehow be “bridal book worthy” so you could just imagine my excitement!! check it out!




Engagement Shoot Look Book 1
November 9, 2011, 11:42 pm
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We will be having two engagement shoots, one is with Jaja Samaniego and the other is with The Seekers. Both photographers have different styles but are equally talented!

For our shoot with Jaja, the first location will be at our elementary school and second location is yet to be figured out. One thing I’m certain is it has to be outdoors (i.e. park/garden) since the second look will be junk food theme (we’re both junk food junkies! bad! ). The third look will be formal attire.

So far I have managed to create the look book for the elementary school. The other two, I haven’t decided which look I will go for.

He – shorts, loafers, pastel colored/printed shirt, pastel colored coat, quirky bow tie
She – pastel colored/printed top & mini skirt, shoes/sandals with colored socks, hair bow and colorful accessories

I already showed this to my husband and he gave me the thumbs up and the go signal!

For our engagement shoot with The Seekers, I gave RV the freedom to choose whatever theme he wants since thy’re throwing us the engagement shoot for free and he has yet to send me the pegs for the looks he has in mind.

Outfit shopping should be fun! Busy month ahead!!! Gearing up for stress this coming December!