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Invitation inspiration: booklet style
July 16, 2011, 2:02 pm
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I only have a few requirements when it comes to our invitations:

  1. Not too formal
  2. Not too traditional
  3. Sort of unique in it’s own little way
  4. NO ribbons
  5. Modern look
  6. Fits the theme

Since we are having a “school chic” themed wedding (still not sure if we could pull off this darn theme haha), I thought of doing booklet/book style invites! The other day I google booklet invitations and nearly shrieked with excitement from the inspirations I found! Some couples were so daring and creative to create story book style wedding invitations – their love story in chapters in hard-bound books – all the works!

source: merriment design

source: head vs heart

sourc: constella tionco

would you believe that this is DIY (including the hard binding)! source: oh so beautiful paper

i like the modern appeal of this. source: paper crave

source: head vs heart

source: oh so beautiful paper

source: oh so beautiful paper

this has got to be one of my favorites, reason being it looks like the DIY book I gave L on one of our anniversaries. source: ryan masuga


The stitched book style invitations with letterpress are breathtakingly beautiful!

source: paper crave

source: oh so beautiful paper

The “guide to wedding” style invitation books are creative and requires guts and talent to pull off! Definitely not me but they’re so adorable!

source: invitation crush

try following the "pat the dog" and "screw-in the light bulb" step - it's so FUNNY!!! source: invitation crush

source: urban influence

These invitation books inspiration are unique and fun but as I’ve said it requires gut, talent, skill and creativity to execute which I admittedly lack of. Further, making “story book” invites is expensive and will require writing skills and the “guide to wedding” style invites will require WIT! So I searched for more “feasible” inspirations that I think hopefully we could pull off!

source: gourmet invitations

source: oh so beautiful paper

source: oh so beautiful paper

But last but not the least, my ultimate peg for our DIY invites and the easiest to execute and most cost efficient in my opinion – “booklet type”.

source: wedding invitations 21

source: bella figura

source: bella figura

eyelet + letterpress = love!! source: dolce press

source: dolce press

source: i do it yourself

source: i do it yourself

So yes I am finally set on doing booklet style invites! I just need to source for paper/envelopes and check printing cost. I also need to figure out if I want to bind it using eyelet or by sewing. I need to check eyelet/eyelet setter cost and portable sewing machine cost or we can print it here and sew it at home, which is really my LAST option considering we only have 2 weeks in the Philippines and we need to do trial and error first!

I know DIY invites is a very ambitious project but might as well give it a try!


Reality check: invitations are expensive!
July 16, 2011, 11:54 am
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My biggest wedding dillema right now is our invites. We’re coming home in December/January and we have to distribute the invitations by that time so the invites should be ready in December. I am still contemplating on whether we’ll be doing DIY or ask a supplier to execute the design for us. I started asking for quotations from various suppliers and was really surprised on how expensive these invitations could get! P350 for a single invite – REALLY? L seems to be ok with spending that much with an invite but NOT ME!

Milestones by Adworks sent me a quotation and darn was it expensive. I asked them to send me samples and turns out the invites are too expensive for something I don’t even like. Their invites are not tacky at all, they are actually quite nice but they’re just too formal for my taste. And for something I could do myslef, it’s way expensive – I couldn’t accept it haha!

P205 each EXCLUDING table number, menu card and napkin holders! WTH??

This is easily DIYable and it costs P165 per set!

So now, I’m 80% set on doing DIY. I’ve checked ebay for 2nd hand printers and I found some that costs less than $100 but I didn’t check the printer specs (no. of dpi, paper gsm it can handle, etc) and ink cost. I have yet to scour cost for paper then I can do the calculation.

I’ve changed my mind yet again (surprise) and found a new inspiration for our invites. This time it’s FINAL!! Invitation inspiration will be blogged on my next post!!! 🙂