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I found the perfect shoe!!
May 1, 2012, 1:24 pm
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I have been surfing the internet for bridal shoes inspiration. I initially opted to have colored shoes (blue or green) but I couldn’t find a design that I like from shops and online stores and I didn’t really want to have the shoes custom made since I set a limited budget for this. I also planned to have low heeled shoes, like kitten heels, nothing more than 2 inches because I didn’t want to be taller than my husband!

All desires for colored and low heeled bridal shoes vanished when I saw this pair at Charles and Keith website. It’s the perfect combination of classy, feminine and simple. Nothing too bongga! Just perfect!

Just like the wedding bands, I thought of this pair for several days until last night when I finally visited a Charles & Keith to see the pair in person and it was really love!! My heart skipped a beat! The shoe that was on display was exactly my size so I was able to try it on and all the more I became convinced that this is the one! I took a deep breath and went out of the store, checked out other shops, had dinner with my husband and checked out other stores again just so I won’t buy it on impulse. I realized that I really want that pair so we went to another Charles & Keith store and tried on a pair. We checked it on the mirror and my husband is still about an inch taller than  me even with the shoes on so we went ahead and purchased them! Happy bride to be!

simple white lace shoes for me

love them!!

My husband on the other hand wasn’t able to find the perfect shoes! We’ll just purchase it in the Philippines, I bet it’s cheaper there.

While we were searching for our shoes, we stumbled upon a SASA sale and we hoarded perfumes to be given to our principal sponsors! Perfect timing, thanks SASA!

Almost a month to go and I still have several small details to do for the wedding but all in all we’re right on track! Really nervous how this will turn out!!


DIY: Quirky Boutonniere
May 1, 2012, 12:57 pm
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In keeping up with the “school chic” theme, I’ve already decided months before that I wanted our boutonnieres to be quirky and fun. Last year I ordered custom made polymer clay school items such as school bag, lunch box, chalk board etc and I planned to use these for the boutonnieres.

Last week I went to Arab St to purchase ribbons and fabrics that I would be using for the boutonnieres.

Cut out fabrics for the "leaf" ready for sewing

Painstakingly sewed 11 pcs of these

Cut out fabric circles for the small flowers

I had fun making these tiny flowers!

i need to make 7 more of these!

I hope all my DIYs will turn out ok! *sigh*

DIY wedding wands, sign and cord
May 1, 2012, 12:31 pm
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I jumpstarted my DIYs last month and I didn’t expect it but I had fun doing the wedding cord! I love how it turned out!

Blue and green wedding cord..

The crystal beads and letter initials were purchased from the Philippines (thank you Pine Rose haha) on a whim since I didn’t know exactly what beads I wanted to buy and how I wanted the cord too look like! When I got back here in Singapore, I realized that the beads lacked variety so I purchased additional czech glass beads, round acrylic gold  accents and gold plated rose connector from

Labor of love 'to!

I’ve also finished around 15 pcs wedding wands and I need to make around 10 more in blue color. I also plan to make banner wands with the words congratulations, yay, etc since our chuch doesn’t allow confetti/petal throws.

Lastly, I wanted two of our flower girls to carry a “here comes the bride” sign just before I walk down aisle so I created one! I wanted heart shaped chalkboards but I couldn’t find cheap chalkboards (chalkboard paper and chalkboard paint are expensive as well) so I tried making it using a black construction paper and the “chalk” will be white pastel crayon and it worked perfectly!

mock up. haven't decided what "font" to use to write the words "here comes the bride"

Almost done!

I don’t have a photo of the finished banner but I’ll be posting it soon! I tied the hearts together using ribbon and I made handles at the ends using the same ribbon. I might add flowers at the handles.

We finally bought our wedding bands!
May 1, 2012, 11:20 am
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We saw a pair of wedding bands on display at a Soo Kee window prior to purchasing our wedding bands a few months ago and I immediately knew that it was the perfect pair for us!! But we didn’t want to get too excited and purchase them right away. A few days after seeing those wedding bands and I am still thinking about them! We scoured different stores in different malls and we still ended up buying those first pair that we fell in love with! It went a little over our budget but what the heck.

I'm a sucker for nice packaging!

My husbands wedding band is white and rose gold and is the same design as my ring except mine has 20 tiny .02 carat diamonds in it. Love it!

We'll be wearing these for the rest of our lives! 🙂

We didn’t want the traditional wedding band so we opted for a sort of two tone curved design to go with my engagement ring.

Can't wait to wear these everyday 🙂

The rings came with a complementary wedding cd containing cheesy love songs and a cheesy wedding ring pillow. I don’t know what to do with this cd haha but for the wedding ring pillow, I already have plans of modifying it and removing those fugly ribbons 🙂

I love the wedding ring pillow box! It's so sturdy! I'm going to keep it!

Thank you Soo Kee!

The ring pillow that badly needs a make over 🙂

We also had our rings engraved with each others names and it’s for free. Considering the price of the wedding bands, yes it should be free haha!! Super excited!!


Of color motif and fabric swatches
May 1, 2012, 10:57 am
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If there’s one thing that I would like to change about this wedding planning, it would be to choose a easir color motif to work on!! I had trouble searching for the exact hue of greenish/blue that I like and same thing goes for our bridesmaid dresses so we ended up with a fabric that is more of a bluish without a tiny hint of green! Disappointing! But I’m over it now. My problem is, our invites are green and my bridesmaid dresses would be blue so I modified the color motif to be blue, green, gray and old rose.

I’ve asked our seamstress to send me a photo of the fabric that she bought and here it is.

And this is the fabric for groomsmen’s vest and pants:

Now to keep up with the blue/green theme, our bridesmaids dresses will be blue and the groomsmen’s necktie will be green. I already bought the neckties from gmarket (forgot to take a photo). I also bought the ninong’s supposed to be old rose necktie on gmarket but it turns out they’re more of a pink than an old rose but I don’t really want to make a big fuss about it. The bearer’s bow tie were also bought from gmarket (forgot to take a photo again) and they’re pretty cute!

i love receiving packages!!

For our ninongs 🙂

Our bridal gown and suit designer, Philip Torres also sent me swatches of the fabric that will be used for our attires.

Tito Philip and I were on the same page on not having a pure white gown wedding gown. It's more of an ivory/ecru colored gown.

Beautiful lace!

For the groom's suit! 🙂

I’m getting really excited and nervous at the same time. I don’t know how everything will look!!