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We finally bought our wedding bands!
May 1, 2012, 11:20 am
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We saw a pair of wedding bands on display at a Soo Kee window prior to purchasing our wedding bands a few months ago and I immediately knew that it was the perfect pair for us!! But we didn’t want to get too excited and purchase them right away. A few days after seeing those wedding bands and I am still thinking about them! We scoured different stores in different malls and we still ended up buying those first pair that we fell in love with! It went a little over our budget but what the heck.

I'm a sucker for nice packaging!

My husbands wedding band is white and rose gold and is the same design as my ring except mine has 20 tiny .02 carat diamonds in it. Love it!

We'll be wearing these for the rest of our lives! 🙂

We didn’t want the traditional wedding band so we opted for a sort of two tone curved design to go with my engagement ring.

Can't wait to wear these everyday 🙂

The rings came with a complementary wedding cd containing cheesy love songs and a cheesy wedding ring pillow. I don’t know what to do with this cd haha but for the wedding ring pillow, I already have plans of modifying it and removing those fugly ribbons 🙂

I love the wedding ring pillow box! It's so sturdy! I'm going to keep it!

Thank you Soo Kee!

The ring pillow that badly needs a make over 🙂

We also had our rings engraved with each others names and it’s for free. Considering the price of the wedding bands, yes it should be free haha!! Super excited!!



Poppin’ the question
June 23, 2011, 9:40 pm
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The church, venue, photographer and videographer have already been booked for the church wedding and it was only 16 days before our ROM (civil wedding) when he proposed!

I didn’t suspect anything that night and I certainly didn’t expect him to still “pop the question” after all the preparations we’ve made for the wedding. In true “L” fashion, it was simple but nevertheless he still surprised me – he never fails to!

We were about to sleep when he suddenly turned on the flash light app on his phone and started playing with it and shining the light against the window. I guess his planned “trick” didn’t work and I just asked him to turn off the darn light and sleep already.

He then asked me to open the window. I still didn’t suspect anything at this point and just dismissed it as him being his usual playful self. He again asked me again to open the window, this time he said it in a pleading tone slash there-might-be-something-up tone. Now I knew something was up, so all the more that I DIDN’T WANT TO OPEN THE WINDOW.

I thought he wanted me to open the WINDOW itself and I got scared of what I would see behind those windows! Turns out he just wanted me to open the curtains and not the actual windows (hon next time please be specific with your instructions! Lol!).

So I reluctantly pulled back the curtains and was greeted with ”I LOVE YOU HON, WILL YOU MARRY ME?” signs written on A4 paper.  I’m pretty sure those signs weren’t there when I went in the toilet to brush my teeth and up to this moment he still won’t reveal on how and when he placed those A4 paper there haha! Later on I found out that he was shining the light of his phone against the window expecting the signs to be illuminated but unfortunately they didn’t!

After that he pulled out a box (out of nowhere! from the bedside table I suppose), popped the question and slipped the bling bling on my finger. =)

That night I slept with the ring on and later realized that it wasn’t a good idea since the ring just kept on being caught up in the bed sheet and blanket. I was kinda half awake the entire night because of euphoria.