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Chapel 2
May 23, 2011, 11:15 pm
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What’s a church wedding without a church?! Today I want to talk about our church. St Joseph the Worker a.k.a. Chapel 2 is the first “supplier” that we booked. We always pass by this church whenever we drive thru Mc Donalds in Clark but both of us haven’t seen its interiors.

When my dad sent me the requirements and do’s and don’ts for weddings, two particular don’ts caught my eye! One, no bearers and flower girls below the age of 5 are allowed and two, no confetti allowed – what a bummer! L’s nephew who will be coming all the way from the States will be there for our wedding and we plan to make him one of our bearers considering he’s also my inaanak. Knowing me, I don’t take No for an answer haha (not on the first try), I knew I had to go around with it and talk with the church staff or something. Good thing they didn’t get to experience my persuasiveness first hand because when my parents called their office to confirm this info, they were informed that they do allow bearers that are 5 year old and below so no worries!

But sadly, for the confetti thing, they really do not allow it. This is not really a big issue for me so I let it pass. Now I’m thinking of alternatives to confetti. Two ideas that I’m considering are bubbles and wedding wands.¬†Or I could do both, but wouldn’t it look messy? I have more than a year to make up mind anyway.

I’ve seen wedding bubbles like these sold online but I hope I could find a cheaper alternative.

Looks fun isn’t it?

These wands are definitely DIYable

Another thing that has been bothering me is the short aisle at this church. The church is pretty small and I’m afraid the first lines of the bridal march song haven’t even started and I’m at the altar already. I could master the art of walking very slow but I still think the church aisle is really short no matter how slow I go.

Not too appealing on the outside.

Not too appealing on the inside either hehe but it looks pretty when dressed up.

Well, I’m not the first bride to walk down this aisle and they certainly didn’t have any problems with it, so would I, I suppose so I won’t sweat this one out!

17 days to go before our ROM! haha nag count down talaga!


Church Hunting
March 19, 2011, 6:13 am
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I particularly do not have a specific requirement when it comes to the church except that it has to be air-conditioned! L easily feels uncomfortable when it comes to hot and humid places and considering all eyes will be on us on the big day, he’d definitely sweat buckets so an air-conditoned church is a MUST!

My parents were kind enough to do church ocular visits for us and ask for church requirements. a few weeks back they visited Chapel 1 and Chapel 2 in Clark. They took photos, requirements and my dad happily emailed them to me.

They first visited Our Lady Of Remedies (Chapel 1) which was stunning! I haven’t seen it personally but it was beautiful in pictures. My parents initially suggested this church because they felt that the other church (St. Joseph) was too small but the big drawback was all the requirements that we need to submit! It was all too much! And the officiating priest has to a BISHOP. Yes a bishop! Hence, we scratch chapel 1 off from our list and our parents headed to St. Joseph the Worker (Chapel 2) to ask for requirements. We just had to pay the P6,000 reservation fee and we can have our wedding date already, so Chapel 2 it is!