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Of colors and outfits
May 12, 2011, 9:55 pm
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Motif update! I wanted all female principal sponsors’ outfits to be uniformed so we thought of providing them cloth/material which they could for their gowns. My sister and I went shopping in Bugis and saw the perfect color (at least for us) that would complement the dusky teal + gray theme that we initially had. The color will be a sort of an old rose/rose petal tone. I don’t exactly know the name of it, but for now I’ll leave it at that until I find the name for this color. The mothers’ gowns will still be grayish/platinum hue. I showed my mami the photos of the gowns in the inspiration board and she liked them.

For the male principal sponsors’ outfits, we plan to give them coordinating neckties, that is if we will require them to wear suits. Same thing goes with the groomsmen, we’ll provide them matching neckties and maybe uhm, matching socks?

The bridesmaids gowns will be a dusky teal color but we I haven’t decided if we will push thru with different shades of dusky teal OR one shade of dusky teal with hint of gray OR pure dusky teal for all bridesmaids. One thing for sure though is that the gowns will be floor length, flowy chiffon and will have varying necklines/styles.

I haven’t thought of anything for the flowergirls and bearers though. =)


Proof of my fickle mindedness
March 26, 2011, 3:27 pm
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I am fickle -minded.

I thought I’ve finally settled on a color motif but  NO, I’ve changed my mind. Main reason was because L doesn’t like the plum + powder blue + gray combination. Although he doesn’t completely disapprove and the final decision is up to me, I wanted to change it still. I didn’t want to push thru with those colors knowing he only half-heartedly agreed to it. So…. I came up with a new color pallette and inspiration board for our bridesmaid dresses and theme. Please take a look!

Color Motif: Teal + gray

Since he wanted a lively and bright color, this is the best that I can do!! It’s still kinda pale and is a dusty shade of teal but it’s definitely livelier than plum! I also didn’t want to hear comments such as plum is a color for “patay” so  I opted for this one!

Bridesmaid Dresses

I want flowy, chiffon, floor length dresses.  We’ll  be having 3 secondary sponsors, 3 bridesmaids and 1 junior bridemaid so total of 7 persons! For the colors of the gowns, I’m thinking of having different shades of teal.

Theme: School Chic

L and I met in 3rd grade and were classmates until we graduated from elementary school so I thought of having school chic theme. Blackboards/ruled paper for menu cards & table numbers, chalk board for signages, report card inspired invites, customized “slam book” as our guest book, books with flowers on top as table centerpiece, and customized pencils as favours! =)

I have yet to show these boards to L and hopefully this time he’ll like it!